Bespoke Tooling Solutions

Baker and Finnemore have Over 50 years' experience as Tool Makers and Progression Tool specialists.

As leading designers and manufacturer of press tools, jigs and fixtures, we provide bespoke tooling solutions to many of the world's leading manufacturers and first-tier suppliers within the automotive, aerospace, white goods, pharmaceutical and medical industries.

BakFin Tooling

Tool Concept

We invest a lot of time and consideration when in the concept stage of a new product. We liaise with the customer to provide the most cost effective and reliable solution for the problem we are faced with. We understand there is an ever-increasing pressure on tooling budgets to deliver "more for less" we find that involving us at such an early stage can be extremely beneficial to the customer.

Being involved in the initial discussions of the design of a product, we can help highlight any areas that could potentially create issues in manufacture and running of the tooling. Drawing on our vast experience as press toolmakers, we can also suggest ideas in order to improve and streamline proposed production routes resulting in more cost effective and innovative tooling.

The ability to evaluate the form, fit and function of a part before it goes into production is also huge benefit. By working alongside our customers and using low cost, high quality sample and development tooling, we can provide cost effective solutions in order to produce prototype samples very early in the project design process. These prototypes give an accurate indication of how the production parts will perform.

design concept

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